Contracts & insurance: key elements to freelancing safely

Freelance journalists need to be aware of the impact that contracts and insurances have on their safety.

What are the elements of the freelance publishing agreements, and why are they relevant to journalists safety? Why is it important to understand the different insurance options? During this training session, Anna Therese Day, freelance reporter, co-founder of The Frontline Freelance Register, and board member at the ACOS Alliance, will offer tools and tips to understand how to reach an agreement between media companies and freelance journalists on terms that protect the interests and safety of the journalists.

💡 This recorded training covers

- What is a freelance publishing agreement?

- What are the key terms of the freelance publishing agreement or contract?

- What is the impact that contracts and insurances have on the safety of freelancers?

- How and when to use the template agreement

- Key aspects to consider when purchasing insurance.

🖥️. Check the presentation included in this webinar here 👈

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