Negotiation for freelance journalists

Fee negotiation is one of the most important topics for freelance journalists. How much money you make is the basis for almost everything - your appreciation, your power, how long you can work as a freelance journalist.

There are a lot of colleagues who give up their profession one day because they don't earn enough. In this one-hour webinar, Katharina Jakob shows you how you can negotiate good fees. How you will lose your fear to negotiate at all. And, just as important: how you can build long-term business relationships with your customers which are satisfying both sides.

💡 This recorded training covers:

- Why negotiate your fees?

- How to lose the fear to negotiate

- The most important steps for good negotiations

- Practical exercises by role-playing

- How to deal with conflicts in negotiations

- How to build long-term business relationships

🖥️. Check the presentation included in this webinar here 👈

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