Pitching is a love affair: Seduce, engage and win publishers’ hearts

Do you have many story ideas but you don’t know what’s the best strategy to pitch them? In this training, Toby Moses, TV editor at the Guardian, teaches you how to write the perfect pitch email to an editor to increase your chances of getting commissioned.

After exploring how to pitch stories for the different article formats, Toby explains how to create and tailor your proposal. Using examples of pitches, the viewers will learn the best practices, the essentials of a great pitch and also the common mistakes and pitfalls.

💡 This recorded training covers:

- Pitch for different article formats: comment pieces, features and news stories

- Turning your idea into a pitch email

- The essentials of a great pitch

- Advice on making your proposal intriguing and persuasive

- Best practice for contacting commissioning editors

- How to sell your idea – and yourself

- Common mistakes and pitfalls to avoid

🖥️. Check the presentation included in this webinar here 👈

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