Risk assessment for freelance journalists

Learning how to identify and address the potential risks and threats to your physical integrity while reporting is fundamental to promote safety in freelance journalism. Regardless of the circumstances and context of each assignment, we can learn how to assess the risks and implement control measures to guarantee our safety.

In this training session, Colin Pereira, Director of HP Risk Management, introduces us to the basic concepts, tips, techniques and risk assessment tools for freelance journalists. How to identify and categorise the risks? When is the perfect moment to evaluate those risks? What are the variables freelance journalists should see as a potential threat? You will find the answers to these and more questions in this training.

💡 This recorded training session covers:

- What is a risk assessment and why is it essential for freelancers?

- When and how to prepare your risk assessment?

- What are the elements to be taken into account?

- Tips, tools and techniques

- Examples of proper risk assessments

- Actions if something does go wrong

- Fundamentals of crisis management

🖥️. Check the presentation included in this webinar here 👈

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